Hitchhiking, Meet Jet-Hiking — Hitchhiking via Private Planes


29-year-old Amber Nolan wanted to see all 50 U.S. states without spending a dime on transportation, so she opted to hitchhike, kind of like the old Peter, Paul and Mary song, “Take me for a ride in your car car,” only the rides in Nolan’s novel undertaking soar thousands of feet above the earth.

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Call it jet-hiking, because Nolan does — she evens styles herself the “JetHiking Gypsy” — though judging from the multifarious photos on her travel blog, jethiking.com, she’s as amenable to prop planes as those with turbines. She’s been working nonstop since July 2012, depending on the goodwill of friendly pilots, to check all 50 states off her bucket list. According to her site, she’s 42 down (including visits to some 250 towns and cities), with the end nearly in sight.

“As a travel writer, I’ve been all…

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A sampler of Sasak cuisine

Plus Ultra

Third Moon Café, Kuta Lombok

From the comfort of my seat I watched as our waitress carried a clear plastic bag of chillies into the kitchen, presumably to be chopped up and used in the sauce for our homemade ayam taliwang. As we came down from our three-day trek on Mount Rinjani, during which we were fed vast quantities of banana pancakes, spaghetti, and even a burger with fries, Bama was excited about the prospect of returning to the rich flavours of Indonesian fare. “I’ve been craving something spicy!”

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