Top 15 Travel Destinations

Top 15 Travel Destinations

According to a recent public report of CBS news MoneyWatch, based on UN World Tourism Organization findings from 2011 tourism receipts, the top 15 travel destinations are spread all over the world. In addition, based on tourism receipts and traveling data, tourism industry seems to be increasing significantly the last few years; at least in America where the overall economy is recovering from the recession. Europe on the other hand seems to face several finance related issues in traditional tourist popular destinations. Nevertheless, it still remains a beloved place for global travelers and tourists.

The list of the 15 top travel destinations includes a mix of Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. All four continents have their presence in that list with Europe and Asia dominating the list in terms of locations and USA in terms of gross income generated from incoming tourists. Compared to 2011, a remarkable shift in ranking is occurring for 5 out of the total 15 countries. From Asia, Thailand has moved up the list and is now at number 11 and China has moved up to number four. As far as Europe is concerned, Spain is at number 2 and France at number 3 of the list, while Italy is at number 5. And these countries conclude the top 5 of the list.


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