Jamaica; reggae music, fruity cocktails, long sandy beaches …what more can you possibly want for holidays?

Jamaica is the third largest island of the Caribbean. It is dominated mainly by mountains, including the Blue Mountains, which are surrounded by a narrow coastal line. Jamaica’s climate is tropical, with hot and humid weather most of the year; although the inner parts of the island have a moderate climate. Its climate and natural environment supports diverse ecosystems with a wealth of plants and animals.

Jamaican nature has it all! From rainy and humid sites to dry and desert-like placements, everything has its place. That is why a lot of different plants and animals can be found there and the amazing fact is their smooth coexistence. Bamboos, ferns, ebony, mahogany, and rosewood are common in wet and humid areas, while cactus and similar dry-area plants are mostly along the south and southwest coastal area which is relatively dry. A lot of diverse animal species inhabit there as well; some of which are endemic species that can only be found in Jamaican land.

Jamaica offers visitors various settings and sites that extend from cosmopolitan cities and lavish resorts to off-the-beaten path alternates which offer visitors a challenging and adventurous time. Kingston which is the island’s capital is where the Jamaican heart beats. Commercial, politic and cultural center of the island, Kingston is the place to be for those who wish to always be in the frontline of things happening; even while on holidays!

Montego Bay; a lavish spot and luxurious resort is the place where pure nature meets human touch. The tourist center of Jamaica with its famous long beach with crystal, turquoise waters and white sandy shore which if full of all the amenities a tourist wants. Full of sporting and entertainment facilities, it is definitely a point of attraction for every visitor.

Negril, another favorite destination of Jamaica is well known for its all inclusive resorts and vivid nightlife. With a long sandy beach and crystal clear waters, it’s ideal for families, friends and honeymooners as well. Ocho Rios, another well-known destination of Jamaica is a unique combination of exceptional natural beauty and luxury. With its rivers, waterfalls and its stunning beaches, it is a favorite for all kinds of visitors; from sports-fans and eco-tourists to families and celebrities. The place offers amazing lodging opportunities and  all the facilities to satisfy visitors’ diverse needs and wants.

Besides these, Jamaica has a lot of other places and sights that definitely worth a visit. Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann, YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, the Blue Lagoon in Portland, and Port Royal are some points of interest that attract a lot of visitors. The Jamaican people, well-known for their hospitality, are always willing to share their island’s beauties along with their culture and traditions.


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