London summer 2012 highlights

This summer the Olympic Games are hosted in London. Millions of guests and fans are expected to visit London during the Olympic Games; an estimate is more than 12 millions of people! That’s a remarkable but so realistic figure as well; Olympic Games have always been a magnet for people due to the sports but also because of the noble spirit they promote as well.

Of course London is ready for this! After all, being the only capital to host this grant event for the third time, London proves that it is indeed the metropolitan city that deserves this! The city boasts with lodging facilities from luxury and elite 5 star hotels to youth hostels and from luscious residences to affordable vacation rentals and townhomes that suit any visitor needs and satisfy all budget ranges.

Besides the Olympics, a whole lot of cultural, musical, artistic and theatrical events are planned in London throughout this summer; some of them already launched, while others will commence within July and August. Remarkable and unique events that intend to maximize the visitors’ experience. As there are so many, we have selected several of London’s worthy events and shows for this summer and we happily share our findings with you.

London Tower Bridge

Pablo Picasso: Vollard’s Suite in the British Museum
The Vollard suite is a collection of Picasso’s work in the 1930s. What is unique about this collection of 97 works is that they are untitled works that do not come in a particular order. Moreover the prints display antiquities similar to those the artist must have seen in Louvre which influenced his work greatly. The collection includes Etruscan mirrors, statues of Venus and a Roman well head decorated with scenes of erotic pursuit, a Minotaur and several  Master works by Rembrandt, Raphael, Goya and others. An exceptional event for art lovers and Picasso fans in particular that will be hosted in the British Museum until the beginning of September.

British Museum

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in the National Theater
Mark Haddon’s enormously successful novel is about a young boy who is apparently autistic and attempts to track down the killer of his neighbor’ s dog. Simon Stephens adopts this novel and makes it one of London’s hottest theatrical plays of 2012 Festival. A beautiful story and a much expected play that will be hosted in National Theater until October 27th. Visitors and Olympics fans that will be in London will have a great chance to watch this special play.

National Theatre

David Nash at Kew, a Natural Gallery at Kew Gardens
David Nash is a unique British artist, who is best known for his large sculptures made from wood, which are sometimes carved or partially burned to produce a charred surface. This summer he has an exceptional exhibition at the Kew gardens which features sculptures, installations, drawings and film and is shown outdoors as well as in Kew’s glasshouses and exhibition spaces. Since April 2012, Nash has been working on a ‘wood quarry’, creating pieces for the exhibition using trees from the gardens that have come to the end of their natural life. The exhibition’s first phase which started in June 2012 is mostly outside and the second phase which will launch in October will feature the indoors projects that are currently prepared by David Nash. The exhibition will be available until April 2013 so a lot of visitors will have the chance to attend it.

Kew Gardens



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