Become a Londoner

This summer London Calling for real! Millions of guests and fans are already in there, for the Olympic Games and they are having a memorable time.  And as the days go by and the Games getting hotter and hotter, more people are expected.

As a city hosting this grand event for the third time, London is experienced and is so ready for this! The city is well equipped with all kinds of services, amenities and facilities that visitors might want or need and here comes its chance to make it all happen! Regarding accommodation, London is offering its visitors all types of lodging; from superstar hotels to youth hostels and from lavish residences to affordable vacation rentals , townhomes and apartments. As far as the transportation is concerned; the public means  and especially the well known tube are cheap, easy and they connect all points of interest.

Since accommodation and transportation seem to be easily resolved, visitors will have to take care of their entertainment and all other activities they wish to engage while in London. There are numerous cultural events such as museum exhibitions, theatrical plays, music concerts and all kinds of artistic happenings. Besides these specials, there are several classic highlights that definitely worth a visit, especially for those visiting for the first time. And last but not least, as a multicolored and multicultural city, London is full of eating, drinking, shopping and pampering spots. The options are countless and they cover all tastes, so we narrowed down several recommended spots and we present our findings for your convenience and ease. Our proposals reflect a variety of taste so that we address to as many as possible and they are credible and worthy options for anytime you might choose to visit this beautiful metropolitan city.


Dining in London / Restaurants

London is a big metropolitan city with countless options for eating and dining. Covering all possible tastes and styles from fast food restaurants and ethnic cuisine take away to hip bistros and awarded, luxurious restaurants. Whatever your taste and your food style preferences are, you will certainly find many spots and places all around the city that  appeal to your style and appetite.

We have selected some of London’s finest restaurants and we happily share our findings with you.

Meat Liquor is a new restaurant that became talk of the town shortly after its launching. This happened because of its cuisine; it offers a great variety of traditional North American burgers. Classic, tasteful and as juicy as they should be, Meat Liquor burgers are a must and they are a totally affordable eating option. Besides the tasteful dishes, the restaurant is hot because of its heavy, stylish décor which features a lot of street art elements. As they have a “no reservation” policy getting a table in peak hours is quite difficult but it’s a worthy wait.

It is located in 74 Welbeck Street W1G 0BA

Transport Bond Street tube

Shirogamo is a Japanese restaurant which offers Japanese delicacies. Sushi and sashimi, sukiyaki (hotpots), teriyaki skewers, gyoza dumplings, Japanese salads, soba or udon noodles and chef’s specials dishes are tasteful and beautifully decorated as well. With a large variety of sakés to accompany the dishes, Shirogamo is a place where fans of Japanese cuisine will find a nice place to eat at totally affordable prices.

It is located in 108 Parkway NW1 7AN

Transport Camden Town tube

Drinking in London / Bars & Pubs

Evidently, London has too many places to go for a drink. From traditional British pubs, breweries and cocktail bars to cool wine bars and trendy bar-clubs, the choices are literally endless. So, whatever your taste and your mood may be, you will certainly find a place to enjoy a drink.

We have selected some of London’s coolest bars and pubs and we happily share our findings with you; we hope that you enjoy our proposals.

69 Colebrooke Row is an elegant and stylish cocktail bar that you can enjoy distinct flavors and spirits. Although its relatively small sized, it can host several groups of people in a comfort and pleasant way. Besides the delightful cocktails and drinks, you will certainly enjoy the finesse of it through its unique details; bow-tied bartender, handwritten bills and discreet and gentle service clearly make a difference and separate the place.

It is located in 69 Colebrooke Row N1 8AA

Transport Angel tube

Bar Pepito is a small, cozy, Andalucian style place dedicated to sherry. This tiny, rustic spot which hosts only few tables from sherry casks will certainly tempt you with its exquisite sherry collection extending from light and fruity tastes to brusque and briny. You can sample a variety of a tastes if you order a “sherry flight”; the bar’s special. You can also taste its delicious tapas along with your drink and if you are lucky to visit in summertime, you may find a table outside.

It is located in Varnishers Yard, Regents Quarter N1 9FD

Transport King’s Cross tube/rail


Indulge in London / Spa

As a metropolitan city with respect for itself and its citizens; London can and will indulge you if this is what you are looking for. There are numerous spa retreats and beauty salons all over the city which will offer you the relaxation and indulgence you need. Whether you are in search for a plain, relaxing massage or for a luscious and invigorating all day pampering with bath salts and aromatherapy treatments, the choices are plenty, scattered all around the city and there are suitable options for all tastes and budgets.

We have selected some of London’s finest spa centers and beauty salons and we present you our findings.

Porchester Spa; a plain, “simple” and totally affordable spa experience for those who seek authenticity  and a couple of standard spa services such as facials, massages and body wraps in a clean cut, minimal environment.

It is located in the Porchester Centre, Queensway W2 5HS

Transport Bayswater tube

The Sanctuary Spa; a recent talk of the town as it quickly became a hip place to be among girlfriends. In a totally girly and relaxing atmosphere, you can get any spa service you desire; rumor has it that the facials offered are a must-try.

It is located in Floral Street WC2E 9DH

Transport Covent Garden tube

Spoil me in London / Shopping  

It is a fact that when it comes to shopping, London stands on top of other world metropolitan cities. With an extensive variety of shops and markets covering all possible kinds of taste from vintage and casual to haute couture and superbrands and from small upcoming designers’ corners to large department stores and shopping malls, everything is there. No wonder why fashionistas and trend setters from all over the world love it and they visit a couple of times per year to get informed on the newest styles.

We have selected some of London’s hottest shopping spots and places and we happily share our findings with you; we hope that you find our proposals useful.

B store is a hip, avant-garde independent shop featuring stylish and classic clothes along with innovative and futuristic designs from new and established designers. Addressing to both men and women, it also features several art projects and installations from time to time along with fashion and photography coffee table books.

It is located in Savile Row W1S 3PR

Transport Oxford Circus tube

Dover Street Market is an exclusive brands retail shop where you will find the latest collections of Alexander McQueen, Celine, Lanvin, Givenchy, Comme des Garçons and many others. It is a beautiful and artistic shop where you will also find bespoke accessories besides the fashionable clothing.

It is located in 17-18 Dover Street W1S 4LT

Transport Green Park tube




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