Crete is just a perfect holiday destination

Crete is a nice relaxation place for anyone needing a break, as individuals can easily access perfect accommodation which is self catering and there is assurance to maximum comfort with adequate facilities. A friend visited the island last summer and he could not stop telling us about the interesting things on it. He strongly suggested that the best accommodation option for Crete is to rent a house; one of the many vacation rentals that exist in all major towns and beach side villages all around the island. This gave him and his friends the flexibility and freedom to engage in various activities throughout their holidays and they really enjoyed their freedom very much. Plus they visited all the hotspots of the island and they had great recommendations about their shopping and eating from the vacation rental owner.

Their holiday home was clean, nicely decorated with fine traditional ornaments and the pool was beautiful. All these combined with an amazing view of the Old Harbor of Chania. Ahhh…bliss! Since they resided in the village of Agia Marina just in the outer Chania district, they had easy access to the town for all kinds of facilities and amenities they needed and they enjoyed the nightlife of this town very much. In addition, they were close to numerous beaches such as white sandy Falasarna, Elafonisi with its clear blue waters and the countless corals all over the area, Agia Marina beach with the beach bars and the sporting activities and so many others. Of course, they did longer excursions and they also visited some of the bespoke spots of the island such as Knossos Ancient Palace, Vai beach with more than 15.000 palm trees, Preveli beach with the river floating in the sea in between palm trees; a wonderful scenic.

And besides the beaches and the sightseeing excursions they visited all major towns and plenty of traditional villages where they tasted the genuine ambiance of the island. Agios Nikolaos in the eastern side of the island with its beautiful, tranquil port and its cozy taverns, Ierapetra and Sitia in the southeastern side where the sun burns until late afternoon and the beaches are long and sandy. Heraklion; the largest and most crowded town with its urban ambiance and the Ancient remains all over the town. Nearby Heraklion is Crete’s clubland Hersonissos where they partied until the morning with some of the world’s top Dj’s tunes. And they also visited Rethymno, the elegant town with an old fashion twist which has a beautiful castle and harbor and numerous restaurants and bars that they loved. Those are just a few places among the many beautiful others. Of course, Crete remained in the top of their list for revisiting in the near future since they feel that there are a lot of places they still need to discover and explore. True that; Crete is an excellent place and it tends to be a revisited one for most of those who get to know this magnificent island.


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