Top urban destinations for Germany

Germany has numerous cities of interest to travelers. It is a country with a long lasting history, an imposing architecture, a wonderful nature and some of the most popular and attractive urban destinations in Europe. We have drafted a top 10 list of the “must-see” cities in Germany. As a destination, Germany is mainly a winter peak place but you can go there in spring or fall time and have a fantastic time. The weather is milder and you get to do a lot of walking and strolling around them to discover their real essence.

In doing so, you could search for more personalized and genuine accommodation; for instance you can seek for vacation properties. On average, they are much more affordable compared to hotels and they offer you an original local experience. Plus you get to run your own schedule and enjoy the things and activities you want. Most of the German cities are well equipped with all kinds of outdoor and sporting facilities including cycling, trekking and snow sports among others.

  • Berlin — the reunified and re-invigorated capital of Germany; known for its division during the Cold War, the Berlin Wall. Today it is a, world class, year round destination, a metropolis of diversity with elegant clubs, shops, galleries, museums, restaurants and a lot of happenings.
  • Bremen — still one of the most important cities in northern Germany with more than 1000 years of great history. An old town along the Weser river with plenty of historical sites that travelers discover while strolling around.
  • Cologne — this city was founded by the Romans 2.000 years ago and it features a huge cathedral, several Romanesque churches and many other archaeological and historical sites. Moreover it is one of the country’s business spots.
  • Dresden — once called ‘Florence on the Elbe’, world-famous for its Frauenkirche and its rebuilt historic center that was destroyed during the war. it is located on the Elbe River and it is an industrial, governmental, and cultural center that is popular because of the historical landmarks in the Old Town.
  • Düsseldorf — Germany’s capital of fashion that also offers a wide scale of fascinating new architecture. The “Altstadt” and the “Medienhafen” have a vibrant nightlife with several trendy and hot spots, events, festivals, exhibition shows, restaurants, clubs and bars.
  • Frankfurt — Germany’s metropolis with a magnificent skyline next to well preserved historical buildings. It is a leading financial center, transportation hub and the seat of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the German Stock Exchange. Mixing up history with present, the city is beautiful example of co-existence with many worth visiting spots all round it.
  • Hamburg — Germany’s second-largest city, famous for its harbor as well as its liberal and tolerant culture. Don’t miss the Reeperbahn which is very popular for its nightlife, clubs and casinos and walking in one of the amazing Natural Parks. Hamburg is well known for its many year round festivals and street music parties.
  • Munich — Bavaria’s beautiful capital city, the site of the famous Oktoberfest and the gateway to the Alps. Rebuilt after WW II, the city has plenty of cultural, architectural and historical sites and several Natural Parks. It is a business, financial and trade center with major brands and multinational companies headquarters.
  • Nuremberg‘s old town has been reconstructed, including the Gothic Kaiserburg Castle. You can also visit the Reich Party Rally grounds, the Documentation Center and Courtroom 600 (the venue of the Nuremberg Trials). Nuremberg is often associated with gingerbread, toys, Christmas.
  • Heidelberg – Home to the oldest university in Germany with a long lasting history and world class credits, the city is full of Gothic and Baroque buildings. It rises from a lush green forest in the heart of mountains and it offers a vintage scenic with narrow streets, beautiful houses and interesting architectural and historical sites.



2 thoughts on “Top urban destinations for Germany

  1. Totally amazing! I love to travel around Germany, there is so much of history, and the architecture is stunning! See you there soon, I hope…Joanna

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