For those in the mood for a new adventure, Tanzania is your place!

tanzania safari, wild dog adventures, tourism, africa, wild animals, Tanzania is a unique African country which is home to Serengeti National Park,  and several others as well. It is also home to Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, and to the Great Lakes of Africa; Lake Tanganyika with the lowest point in the continent and Lake Victoria with Kenya and Uganda, which is the largest in the continent. Its wildlife is extraordinary and you get to see amazing animals migrating in dry seasons  in massive populations. A truly wonderful spectacle in the most beautiful natural setting. And a definite lifetime experience! The best you can do in Tanzania is safari, bird-watching, and exploring the Great Lakes and the Kilimanjaro mountain.

tanzania, safari, wild life, jeep, bird watchingJanuary and February are the best time to visit the Serengeti. It is a dry season and quite hot, sometimes very hot indeed, but it is then that most animals start their migration to more fertile and cooler regions. You have a unique chance of seeing huge herds of wildlife, zebra, giraffe, lions and buffalo and so many other, beautiful wild animals migrate to better hydrating areas. You could observe the majority of the large population that inhabit the Serengeti in their epic journey.

June and August are at the tail-end of the long rainy season and the weather is at its best. It is pleasantly warm in the day and cool in the evening. The water is plenty everywhere and you can have long rides to watch animals of all kinds enjoying their time nearby a running river or a lake. Certainly more relaxed but also harder to get in large groups, the wildlife in the Park is absolutely stunning.

An attractive staying option is a hotel in Arusha;  it is a well base when in Tanzania and in between your safari explorations. A small unit offering self catering apartments, fully furnished and equipped with all communication and connections facilities as well as many additional services on demand. Besides the local connection, visitors get easy and quick access to entertainment places and to the national Parks.

For the best Tanzania trip, visit the experienced team of guides at Wild Dog Adventure.


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