Weird Alaskan Heat Wave Sweeps Land of the Midnight Sun


If you live in states like Florida, Texas or Arizona, 80 degrees in June sounds balmy. If you live in Anchorage, Alaska by contrast — a city at nearly the same latitudes as Reykjavík (Iceland), Lillehammer (Norway) and most of Siberian Russia — summertime highs in the 80s may sound a bit like that Twilight Zone episode where the sun’s on its merry way to swallowing the Earth.

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The average temperature for Alaska’s coastal areas this time of year, near summer solstice when daylight in the 49th state is near constant, runs in the 60s, with highs topping out in the 70s (Alaska’s interior tends to run warmer than its coastal areas). But in recent days, temps have soared to record highs well into the 80s, and in some spots, higher still.

Take Anchorage, technically the northernmost…

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